Ulleri Foundation is a charitable, non-political, humanitarian organization and is not affiliated with any religious group or organization. It is registered as a non-profit charity in the U.S. with the motives of furthering development activities for the needy mountain villagers in Nepal with both education and basic medicine, especially in the areas where the people are ignored by the government.

Why Ulleri Foundation?

  • The name “ULLERI” means a sacred land on top of a hill protected by the spirit of mother nature.
  • UF is run by both professional and sincere individuals who have worked as humanitarians. 
  • UF is cost-effective and transparent and changes the lives of children and adults in a positive way.
  • UF works with other local organizations, individuals to bring a larger impact on societies.
  • UF has a bigger plan for the future to empower Nepalese communities in self-sustainable ways.
  • UF values the power of the people; therefore, we are here to help them explore their strength without affecting their culture and the moral values of their families.
  • As UF members, we care about mother earth. Through the example of our uplifting work of humanity, we hope others can do the same all around the globe to bring unity of life.