Our Mission

The mission of the Ulleri Foundation Inc is to provide basic health care, education, and overall well-being to all members of the underprivileged remote mountain villages, starting from those living in and around the Annapurna Sanctuary also different parts of Nepal where help is necessary. Our ultimate goal is to help provide necessary medical treatment to cure common ailments experienced by the villagers. We want to establish a self-sustainable health clinic so that these villagers can have access to health care year-round. Our goal is also to teach villagers how to be productive users of the environment where they live by utilizing the resources that are available around them.

Our Vision

The vision of the Ulleri Foundation is that the people in the small villages in and around the Annapurna Sanctuary have access to healthcare services, educational resources that may be needed.

Value Statement

  • Accessibility:  ​The goal is that the foundation will be easily accessible for remote villagers and their families to be able to obtain healthcare and other needs.
  • Volunteerism: ​ The goal is that individuals from outside of the villages, nationally and internationally, will volunteer their time to help run and maintain the foundation.
  • Community Involvement: ​ The goal is that with the addition of the foundation, people who live in the villages will be willing to get involved with the foundation and its mission.
  • Care, Respect, and Privacy: ​ The goal is to provide every individual, old, young, or child with the same level of care, respect, and privacy at all times. No one should be left behind.
  • Advocacy: ​ The goal is to be able to be advocates for those who may not be able to have a voice.