Ulleri Foundation is a place of opportunity and hope for the many underprivileged remote villages in Nepal. For my team and me, nothing could be more fulfilling than to be able to see the glowing smiles of happiness on their faces while observing their progress with our help. We look forward to seeing the difference that all of our joint efforts can make in the lives of these villagers. At Ulleri Foundation, we take responsibility for ourselves and each other, for the ideas we embrace, and for the future we share. We celebrate selflessness and value those across the world who step forward and make unprecedented contributions to the well-being of humanity in a friendly, transparent, and professional way. Little by little, through the impact of your help, we can achieve common goals, which to better our planet. 

My team and I will look forward to closely working with both individuals and corporate donors in order to positively bring changes to the lives of these villagers. I would personally like to thank all of our team members and supporters for the dignifying work that we will display. Your help means brighter futures for these helpless mountain villagers throughout Nepal, who will otherwise live under the darkness of their futures. As time goes by, we will share the continuous progress of our foundation every step of the way. With your involvement in the Ulleri Foundation, I believe we can altogether build a  global family no matter where we live on earth. After all, under the blue sky, this mother earth is our only home.

History of Khakendra Pun

Khakendra Pun, the Founder and the CEO of Ulleri Foundation, was born in Ulleri, a small mountain village in the west part of Nepal. Growing up in poverty, seeing many western tourists come through his village, the founder had once dreamed of coming to America as a young boy. Under the fate of his own future, through the help of Judith Wright, the mother of Steve Wright, an American hiker who Khakendra met above his village, he arrived in San Francisco in 1991 and began a completely new journey. For the next seven years, while doing retail jobs, sleeping inside his car, on a found computer on the highway, Khakendra wrote his memoir in early 1998. Printing his own book, he started selling one copy at a time to people, who he met along his journey, still holding his dream to help people in his village.

For the next two decades, while doing over seventy-seven different odd jobs moving from one place to another across America, Khakendra became a yellow cab driver in New York City. In between struggle, while trying to survive, never forgetting his dream, Khakendra wrote his second memoir about his cab driving life. Meanwhile, he was able to establish Ulleri Foundation, a non-profit organization in the U.S. With the foundation, Khakendra hopes to give the community back where he grew up with both health care matters and education. This was Khakendra’s lifelong dream that was deeply embedded in his soul since the day he left his Ulleri village. As board members, we are very proud to join our CEO and the Founder, Khakendra Pun, to achieve his dream altogether. We highly salute all his endeavors!

His Constant Work of Kindness

Embracing this precious life in the most positive way, Khakendra has always practiced displaying his kindness all throughout his life, no matter what situation he is in or has been in. Despite the sorrow, difficulties, and obstacles he has faced or faces, he always helps those in need however he can. For the past two decades, while returning home to Nepal, Khakendra has provided school materials for children not only in his village but in surrounding village schools. When the hurricane Katrina disaster hit New Orleans in 2005, Khakendra raised one thousand dollars selling his book and has helped provide some food for victims. In 2015, when one of the worst earthquake disasters hit Nepal, Khakendra raised two thousand dollars selling his book in his taxi and has provided food and clothes to the victims. Khakendra believes that kindness is the ultimate factor that helps uplift humanity. If you have any questions or like to speak with Khakendra, please feel free to contact him at his email: [email protected].


From Ulleri Foundation