This is Ulleri village where I grew up, located at 6,700 feet elevation in one of the main Annapurna trekking routes in the west part of Nepal. We grew our own food, shared what we had with others, and lived happily with kindness around us. We envied no one. We embraced everyone with love and dignity. No one is ever perfect; therefore, we showed the same level of respect to everyone, despite how people looked. Most of all, we cared about mother earth. According to the season, we ran around our village mountains and ate wild fruits. Inspired by many colorful elements of life, we plowed and hand-dug our fields. As the festivals arrived, we sang, danced, and laughter would burst everywhere. Elderly men and women living in straw huts taught children how to carry on their beautiful life.
Widows raise their children, always smiling towards others. Driven by the joy of life under mother sky, sun, moon, and stars, we lived with what we had. During winter, no warm clothes, we wore blankets and handmade rags and kept ourselves warm. When someone was in need, we gave what we had and shared our kindnesses with them. When we fell into difficulties, comforted by our own spirits, we sat by the stones and let the will of power heal us. Upon seeing a new person, we greeted them with smiles connecting with their spirits. When loved ones went far away to earn money, we held their love within our hearts and waited for many years until they returned home. Avoiding instant gratification in life, we did things without harming others, including all creatures that shared life on Earth.
When someone walked nearby us, with dignity, we stepped aside and let them pass by. Throughout the summer, as the flashes of thunder stroke around the mountains, while monsoon’s heavy rain poured, we watched porters carrying big roles of pipes or metal box, walk up or down with smiles on their faces. When the winter arrived, colorful rhododendron flowers bloomed throughout the forest. As the bees hummed, dancing from one flower to the other, listening to the stream and Neuli Birds sing throughout the mountains, we were inspired forever! Under that bright sunlight, while the marigold and cosmos flowers bloomed in the terraces, you were able to smile upon life and felt closest to heaven. These memories will always remain in our hearts no matter where we go or must be in life.   
N A M A S T E From the Desk of Founder