Nepal is a small landlocked country, hidden between the north of China and the south of India, where eight of the world’s highest majestic Himalayas shine over to the sky. Nepal is mostly an agricultural country where many ethnic groups of indigenous people live in many different parts of these mountain villages sharing what they have with one another. Due to Nepal’s government never helping these mountain villagers in remote areas, these people have been left on their own to survive.

Today, the land of Shangri-La faces one of the worst migration problems ever in the history of Nepal due to both the lack of jobs in the country and poverty. Those who are capable of leaving the villages have already moved to the cities, and those who are privileged have left Nepal to better their futures in some other countries. Those who are left are poor and weak ones. Now, if you look around these mountain villages, lands and homes remain abandoned, leaving the rays of their past memories behind.