Building a Self-Sustainable Program

In the long run, the ultimate goal of our organization is to make sure that our foundation fully becomes self-sustainable. We understand that by asking for contributions from our donors, we don’t want to be always depending on others to raise money to help these different village communities. Whereas little by little, we would like to invest the available funds in opening a poultry farm in unused land in different parts of the mountains in Annapurna sanctuary to provide fresh organic meat to our prospective customers.

Our goal will be to teach these villagers how to improve their lives by showing them how to utilize the resources that are available around their surroundings to stabilize a self-sustainable life by raising chickens and other livestock while growing vegetables that are currently on-demand in markets, which will generate some income for them. In the long run, through the example of our work ethic and moral values behind our philosophy, we hope more communities will learn to do the same in Nepal.

Employment Opportunities

With our poultry farms establishment, we will give job opportunities to youths, both men and women from these mountain villages, who will otherwise have no job to support their families. Upon working for us for a certain period, once they are able to stand on their own feet, we will then give job opportunities to a new badge of youth to help them build their futures. With their time and efforts, we believe they will help us shape the future of our foundation, and we will help shape their futures, vice versa.

By using the uncultivated lands, these landowners will also make some money to support their families, which otherwise will go to waste. Meanwhile, we will also help these villagers market their home-grown vegetables and other organic items to sell in the nearby cities to support their communities. Not only will this give them some hope, but it will slowly build the nation through their own passions.