With this program, poor and needy students receive continuous scholarship support until they finish high school level of education, which is the tenth grade of school in Nepal. Under this scholarship program, children will be admitted to the nearby locations’ schools close enough to their homes. We will be covering all their school expenses. As time goes by, we will monitor periodically the attendance and performance of all these children who are under this scholarship program.

After completing their high school level of education, we’ll help them find part-time jobs to continue their college level of education. Upon their good score, we will give them an opportunity to come to America to further their higher level of education so they could earn appropriate skills to return home to Nepal to give their community back. We believe the future of Nepal relies on these children. These are the very same children who will bring changes in the country for the future of Nepalese communities.

N A M A S T E from Ulleri Foundation Family.

  • Up to now, we are supporting 3 poor and needy children from traumatic backgrounds in Annapurna and surrounding areas in Nepal to help them with their education.
  • This program is providing quality education for poor, needy children or families who cannot afford to support their education due to financial hardship.
  • Upon successfully completing their 10th grade, these students will attend college while doing part-time jobs in the area where they will attend the college.
  • After they finish their schools, we will help them find jobs at various sectors of the companies and they will financially support their families after that.
  • Securing support for their education is also empowering their future and creating responsible citizens. Therefore, their futures truly lie upon our supports.