Growing up in a small remote mountain village in Nepal, my family unable to provide me with school supplies; I started writing with a piece of soft stone on a charcoaled wood. The times when western tourists came through our village, some of them gave us pens and pencils, which inspired me forever. The hardest part of living in the village was that whenever our village people got sick, they had to be carried down almost eight hours further down to Pokhara, the closest town to us. And sadly, in the process, many of them didn’t make it down. Even if they did, many of the families were unable to pay their hospital fees, their loved ones were ignored and left on their own. Not only that, seeing many young girls lose their lives due to being unable to give birth to their first baby was a heartbreaking story. Still, today, not only Ulleri but many other mountain villages around the country face a similar problem. 

Now, after taking twenty-seven years of the journey away from home, with my books and documentary film sale, I want to help these villagers, which has truly been my lifelong dream. These are the people who never lie to others and care about humanity. These are the people who are kind, honest, and sincere living in different parts of Nepal’s mountain villages. Deep down, they are no different than us. They have hopes and dreams just like us. These are kind people. In a time of need, they will do everything they can to help us out despite their circumstances. Upon seeing someone thirsty, they will bring water for you. If you couldn’t carry your stuff, got sick, or didn’t feel very well, these villagers will do everything they can until you get better. The existence of their spirits is the glow of humanity on earth. Therefore, I would like you to join Ulleri Foundation to uplift the deeper core of humanity as a global family. N A M A S T E –