Kishor Gauchan

This young boy has lost his mother due to coronavirus disease. His father, who went to earn some money in Dubai, never came back. Now, his only 84 years old grandmother is taking care of him at her shack in Dhadhing District. Therefore, finding such a hard situation, we have put him under our scholarship […]

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Helping Disaster Victims

Every year, during the monsoon’s heavy rainy season in Nepal, many of these villagers face one of the terrible landslide disasters across the nation, especially for those unfortunate ones who live along the edges of these hilly mountain areas. During such a disaster, many homes get destroyed, livestock gets killed, and sadly many people lose

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Elderly Homeless Woman

Almost 12 years ago, Deu Maya Gurung’s husband passed away, no relatives or family members to help her out; she had been surviving sleeping in an abandoned shack in Pokhara. She was surviving through drinking rainfall water. No gasoline to cook food; she was cooking things on firewood. Suffering from diabetes, she didn’t even have

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Scholarship Program

With this program, poor and needy students receive continuous scholarship support until they finish high school level of education, which is the tenth grade of school in Nepal. Under this scholarship program, children will be admitted to the nearby locations’ schools close enough to their homes. We will be covering all their school expenses. As

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Building Health Clinic

Ulleri Foundation wants to build a health Clinic in remote mountain villages to provide them with basic medical supplies. Whenever someone gets sick in many of these villages, the person will have to be carried up or down the hills for hours. Many of them never make it down to the hospital. Even if they

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Orphaned Children

We focus on children who are in an extreme hardship situation, looking at their family’s background. We help children who are orphans or children that are abandoned by their parents or have no one to take care of them. In order to do so, we will find them an appropriate home for them to stay,

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Children’s Success

Four children from our Children’s Home program: Dal Bahadur Kunwar, Deumaya Thapa, Aasish Sharma, and Nandakali Pokhrel have recently graduated 12th grade securing great marks. We all at NCF-Nepal would like to congratulate them on their excellent results. We wish them good luck in their future education and are confident about their likely success. –

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